Taxonomy Name Decapterus russelli
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Decapterus
Family Carangidae
DOF Valid Name Selayang lampai
Common Name Round scad, Russell's mackerel scad, Slender scad
Fish Base Name Indian scad
Local Name Basung, Curut, Sardin, Selar, Selayang
Original author
Body Color Color bluish green above, silvery below; caudal fin hyaline to yellowish; dorsal fins hyaline basally, light dusky distally. Opercle with small, black spot; Opercular membrane with smooth margin
Spesific Description Body elongate, fusiform and slightly compressed. Head longer than body depth, less than 4.0 times in standard length. Scales cycloid and small, occuring over whole body. Dept range 40-275 m