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Taxonomy Name Platax teira
Class Actinopterygii
Genus Platax
Family Ephippidae
DOF Valid Name Tudung periuk telinga gajah
Common Name Tiera batfish, batfish, spadefish
Fish Base Name Longfin batfish
Local Name Berbaharu, buna, bunak, gadang-gadang, mancung laut, telinga gajah, tudung periuk, tudung tempayan
Original author
Body Color Color of body variable from silver to black. A broad dark vertical band through eye, a 2nd vertical band from dorsal fin origin across the pectoral fin base to pelvic fin and the 3rd black band over posterior part of body, diffuse and very distinct. Dorsal fin black. Pectoral fin black at base and yellowish in upper side. A black blotch below pectoral fin.
Spesific Description Body strongly compressed, very deep and rhombic or almost circular in shape. Dorsal angular rigde anterior to ventral angular ridge. A slight concavity present just before dorsal fin origin. Lateral line arched and complete. Young speciemens with greatly produced dorsal and pelvic fins with reduce with age.