Taxonomy Name Choerodon schoenleinii
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Choerodon
Family Labridae
DOF Valid Name Ketarap bintik hitam
Common Name Green wrasse, Purple grouper, Rainbow fish, Wrasse
Fish Base Name Blackspot tuskfish
Local Name Bayan, Bechok, Dava-dava, Ketarap, Tobak, Tokak
Original author Choerodon schoenleinii
Body Color Head and body greenish-olive, becoming yellowish below.
Spesific Description Eye with blue rim. A blue stripe from eye to symphysis of upper jaw. A light blue stripe along lower jaw to interoperculum, 3 similar stripes on chin. Dorsal and anal fins with blue longitudinal narrow lines. Lateral lines continuous and smoothy curved with about 27 lateral line scales. Dorsal fin with long base. Caudal fin truncate. D XIII, 7; P1. 18; P2. I,5;A. III,10 Dept range 10-60 m, usually 10-20 m