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Taxonomy Name Rachycentron canadum
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Rachycentron
Family Rachycentridae
DOF Valid Name Aruan tasek
Common Name Black kingfish, Runner, Sergeant fish
Fish Base Name Cobia
Local Name Buntut karbo, Gabus laut, Hai lay, Jaman
Original author Rachycentron canadum
Body Color Back and sides dark brown, with 2 sharply defined narrow silvery bands. Belly sometimes yelowish. Young speciemens have 2 tapering silvery longitudinal band along the side. Fins brownish.
Spesific Description Body elongate, subcylindrical, compressed posteriorly. Snout pointed. Large terminal mouth with prominent lower jaw. Lateral line wavy anteriorly, becoming straight about opposite anal fin origin, ending at base of caudal fin. Spine of 1st dorsal fin very short and free, not connected by membrane and each depressible into groove. Pectoral fin nearly equal to pelvic fin, both originating on same vertical line. Caudal fin lunate with longer upper lobe. Caudal fin rounded in young, central rays much prolonged. Dept range 0-1200 m