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Taxonomy Name Cephalopholis boenak
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Cephalopholis
Family Serranidae
DOF Valid Name Kerapu belang perang
Common Name Blue-lined coral cod, Boenacki grouper, Brown-banded coral cod, Brown-banded grouper, Brown-barred grouper, Coral trout, Sea bass
Fish Base Name Chocolate hind
Local Name Kerapu, Kerapu kertang, Kerapu tenggarong, Tenggarong
Synonym Cephalopholis boenack
Original author
Body Color Brownish to greenish grey with dusky vertical bands over the body. White margins and black sub-margins on the median fins
Spesific Description Body elongate and compressed. Snout pointed. Large terminal mouth with thick lips. Operculum with three flat spines, middle one largest. Opercular flap pointed. Lateral line slightly arched. Pectoral, caudal, posterior lobes of dorsal and anal fins rounded. Membranes between dorsal spines deeply incised. Body, head and fins dark brown with irregular black-brown vertical bars on body, which sometimes extended to fins. Inside of mouth and gill openings orange. Dept range 1-64 m, usually 4-30 m