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Taxonomy Name Siganus virgatus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Siganus
Family Siganidae
DOF Valid Name Dengkis kepala jalur
Common Name Rabbitfish, Spinefoot
Fish Base Name Barhead spinefoot
Local Name Belais, Belaris, Belibas, Bonang-bonang, Debam, Dengkis, Gelibas, Ketang, Ketang lada, Lambai, Leban, Lumban
Original author Siganus virgatus
Body Color A brown band running diagonally from nape to chin; another from 4th-5th dorsal spine base to pectoral fin base; ocular and shoulder bands spotted with blue; a zone of silvery yellow posterior and adjacent to the shoulder band
Spesific Description Body oval, strongly compressed and deep. Snout obtuse. Terminal mouth, beak-like. Lateral line parallel to dorsal profile. Pectoral fin not falcate, much longer than longest ray of dorsal fin. 1st dorsal spine shortest and 6th dorsal spine longest, about 2.3 times the shortest spine. Pelvic fin with 1 spine, with 3 rays in between and connected to abdomen by membrane. Dept range 1-?m, usually 1-20 m