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Taxonomy Name Cephalopholis miniata
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Cephalopholis
Family Serranidae
DOF Valid Name Kerapu bara
Common Name Coral cod, Grouper, Red grouper, Reef cod, Seabass, Vermilion sea bass, Vermilion grouper
Fish Base Name Coral hind
Local Name Kerapu, Kerapu bara, Kerapu karang, Kerapu merah, Kuhau
Original author Cephalopholis miniata
Body Color Color orange-red to reddish brown, usually dark posteriorly with numerous bright blue spots which are smaller than the pupil and often faintly dark-edged on head, body and median fins; distal margin of caudal and soft portions of dorsal and anal fins usually with a narrow blue margin and blackish submarginal line; orange-yellow pectoral fins, on some only distally; orange-red pelvic fins; it is capable of a disruptive color pattern of irregular oblique olivaceous bars; juveniles may be yellow with scattered faint blue spots
Spesific Description Body ablong, compressed and elongated. Snout pointed. Large terminal and slightly protractile mouth with a pair of canine teeth at anterior part of upper jaw.Villiform teeth also present on palatine. Pectoral fin tip rounded. Whole body including head and fins covered with small blue spots with dark brown margin. Dept range 2-150 m