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Taxonomy Name Lutjanus fulviflammus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Lutjanus
Family Lutjanidae
DOF Valid Name Kunyit dori
Common Name Blackspot snapper, Golden snapper, Redspot snapper, Snapper
Fish Base Name Dory snapper
Local Name Jenahak, Kuning-kuning, Kunyit-kunyit, Merah, Tanda, Tanda jalur
Original author Lutjanus fulviflammus
Body Color Dark yellowish of grenish-yellow on dorsal part, and silvery pink below with a series of 7 longitudinal yellow stripes. Each longitudinal scale row with a golden line from head to tail. Dorsal and caudal fins edged with reddish-yellow.
Spesific Description Body oblong and compressed. Dorsal profile convex, ventral profile horizontal. Snout pointed. Anterior part of head scalesess. Large, terminal and slightly protractile mouth with thick lips. Villiform teeth in jaws with outer series enlarged. Few canine teeth in anterior part of jaw. Teeth also present on vomer and palatines. Maxilla reaching to below anterior margin of pupils. Lateral line running parallel to dorsal profile. Pelvic fin falcate. First ray of pelvic fin elongated. Dept range 3-35 m