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Taxonomy Name Lutjanus decussatus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Lutjanus
Family Lutjanidae
DOF Valid Name Merah ketambak
Common Name Checkered seaperch, Cross-banded snapper, Snapper
Fish Base Name Checkered snapper
Local Name Jenahak, Jenahak temerah, Ketambak, Kunyit, Kunyit-kunyit, Mentimun, Tembota, Timun-timun
Original author
Body Color Generally pink to whitish, with a silvery sheen on breast and side of head. Trunk with a 'checker-broad' pattern on upper half of sides. Horizontal stripes brown 5-6. Caudal fin base with large black spot
Spesific Description Body oblong and compressed. Snout pointed. Moderate terminal mouth.Small villliform teeth in both jaws with an outer series of enlarged canine teeth. A pair of canine teeth at anterior part of jaw. Preopercular margin serrated, with poorly developed notch at lower angle. Lateral line running parallel to dorsal profile. Body silvery with 5 dark red longitudinal bands along body from head to caudal peduncle and about 5 dark red vertical bars from dorsal profile to 3rd dark red longitudinal band. Dorsal and caudal fins slightly reddish. Other fins yellowish. Dept range 2-35 m