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Taxonomy Name Pentapodus setosus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Pentapodus
Family Nemipteridae
DOF Valid Name Anjang-anjang monofilamen
Common Name Threadtail bream
Fish Base Name Butterfly whiptail
Local Name Anjang-anjang, Kerisi, Pasir-pasir
Original author (Valenciennes)
Body Color Reddish-brown above, yellowish below. A silvery stripe along base of dorsal fin. 2 bluish and one yellow stripes from snout to eye. A broader silvery stripe from behind eye, continues to base of caudal. A blue spot at middle of caudal peduncle.
Spesific Description Body oblong and compressed. Head scaled except on snout region. Snout pointed, nearly equal to eye diameter. Large terminal mouth. Both jaws with villiform teeth, outer series of enlarged teeth and a few canine teeth in anterior region of jaws. Maxilla reaching to below anterior margin of eye. Preopercular margin not denticulated. Operculum with a spine. Body and head covered with small ctenoid scales, adherent. Scales on head region much smaller than on body. Lateral line running parallel to dorsal profile. Pectoral fin with axillary scale. Dorsal fin very long orginating above pectoral fin base and ending above posterior end. Of anal base. Dept range 5-50 m