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Taxonomy Name Oxycheilinus digramma
Class Actinopterygii
Genus Oxycheilinus
Family Labridae
DOF Valid Name Nuri garis pipi
Common Name Scribbled wrasse, violet-lined wrasse, wrasse
Fish Base Name Cheeklinee wrasse
Local Name Batu, bayan,bayan-bayan,bebarat,becuk,kakaktua,lingkar karang, mameng, nuri, nuri-nuri, tetarap
Original author (Lacepede,1801)
Body Color Body greenish-brown, becoming reddish-brown below. Upper part of head with red vermiculation and spots. Few red stripes radiating from eye to upper jaw. About 8 black parallel lines ascending obliquely forward from lower margin of operculum to subopercular region. Each scale on body with vertically elongate red spots. Dorsal and anal fins greenish-brown. Caudal fin blue to green.
Spesific Description Body elongate and compressed. Head dorsal profile straight with a slight concavity in front of eye. Moderately large terminal mouth with thick and fleshy hips. A single row of conical teeth in both jaws with a pair of canine teeth at anterior part. Maxilla not reaching below eye. Lateral line interrupted below posterior part of dorsal fin, continuing on median line of body to caudal fin base. Pectoral fin rounded and greater than pelvic fin.