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Taxonomy Name Carangoides hedlandensis
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Carangoides
Family Carangidae
DOF Valid Name Demudok lekuk
Common Name Trevally
Fish Base Name Bumpnose trevally
Local Name Cermin, Demudok, Putih
Original author
Body Color Greenish-blue above with dusky tinge; shaded silvery gray below; about six. Faint cross bands on side of body, the first band on edge of upper opercle and the last on peduncle; blackish blotch on upper margin of opercle and in the base of pectoral fin; yellowish on the second dorsal, pelvic, and caudal fin with dark edges; yellowish anal fin with pale edges. Source -
Spesific Description Body oval and strongly compressed. Dorsal contour of forehead convex, with 'bump' on interorbital space. Second dorsal and anal fin soft rayas produced into filaments in adult males. Breast widely naked to pectoral fin base and behind insertion of pelvic fins, but naked area not exceding above pectoral fin base. Straight part of lateral line shorter than curved part, with 17-29 weak scutes posteriorly. Adult males with 3-8 central dorsal and anal filamentous rays.