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Taxonomy Name Acanthurus xanthopterus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Acanthurus
Family Acanthuridae
DOF Valid Name Debam sirip kuning
Common Name Surgeonfish
Fish Base Name Yellowfin surgeonfish
Local Name Barat-barat, Debam, Dengkis
Original author
Body Color Body purplish grey when alive; greyish brown when preserved; a region of dull yellow in front of eye, a lesser extension posterior to lower part of eye; outer 1/3 of pectoral fin yellow, extreme distal part hyaline; dorsal and anal fins yellowish grey basally, dull yellow distally; caudal fin base whitish; caudal fin purplish
Spesific Description This Yellowfish Surgeonfish is one of several marine fish that change color as they get older. A distinct yellow blotch behind and in front of the eye, pectoral fins with yellow on at least the outer third, a bluish tail (often with a whitish band at the base), dorsal and anal fins with 4 to 5 dull yellow stripes alternating with blue(the base with a pale blue band), and a black spine sheath. The caudal spine is relatively small. Dept range 1-100 m, usually 5-90 m