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Taxonomy Name Scolopsis monogramma
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Scolopsis
Family Nemipteridae
DOF Valid Name Pasir-pasir jalur gelap
Common Name Monocle bream
Fish Base Name Monogrammed monocle bream
Local Name Batu, Beliak mata, Bulat, Kerisi, Mempasir, Mentimun, Pasir-pasir, Pijat-pijat, Puyu laut, Timun
Original author
Body Color Body reddish-brown above, silvery below. A broad yellow band bordered by light blue bands across interorbital space separating scaly and non-scaly parts. A dark longitudinal band originating from behind eye to upper part of caudl peduncle, the middle part broadest. Dorsal and caudal fins yellowish.
Spesific Description Body elongate and compressed. Slightly protractile mouth with thick lips. Maxilla reaching below anterior margin of eye. Suborbit spind large and stout, followed by a few spines below it. Posterior margin of opercular denticulated. Opercular with 1 spine. Lateral line with 47 scales. Dept range 2-50 m