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Taxonomy Name Epinephelus areolatus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Epinephelus
Family Serranidae
DOF Valid Name Kerapu bintik bulat
Common Name Areolated rockcod, Grouper, Reef cod, Seabass, Squaretail rock cod, Yellow-spotted rock cod
Fish Base Name Areolate grouper
Local Name Kerapu, Kerapu ekor putih
Original author
Body Color Body and fins brownish and paler below. Head dark brown. Body, head and fins covered with dark brown spots as big as pupil of eye. Soft dorsal, anal and cudal fins with white outer margin.
Spesific Description Body oblong and compressed. Snout pointed and slightly longer than eye diameter. Eye small. Large terminal and slightly protractile mouth, with thick lips. Villiform teeth in both jaws and palatine with a pair of canine teeth at posterior margin of eye. Vertical preopercular margin slightly convex and finely serrated. Preopercular angle with 3 spines. Operculum with 3 flat spines, middle being largest. Lateral line arched running parallel to dorsal profile. Dorsal and anal fins with scaly basal seath. Pectoral fin tip rounded and about equal or slightly shorter than pelvic fin. Pelvic fin connected to abdomen. Dept range 6-200 m