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Taxonomy Name Neotrygon orientalis
Class Chondrichthyes
Order Rajiformes
Genus Neotrygon
Family Dasyatidae
DOF Valid Name Pari lalat
Common Name Bluespotted maskray, Spotted stingray
Fish Base Name Bluespotted stingray
Local Name Ketuka, Kiampau, Pari lanyau, Pari minyak, Pari renyau, Pari rimau, Pari tanjung
Synonym Dasyatis kuhlii, Neotrygon kuhlii
Original author Last, White & Seret, 2016
Body Color Reddish brown with blue centered bright ocelli and scattered black spots dorsally, white ventrally. Snout very short and broadly angular, disc angular, tail as long as body with conspicuous black and white rings, and with a short upper caudal finfold but a longer lower ane ending well behind tail tip
Spesific Description Disc rhombic, wider than long, with bluntly pointed snout. Shoulder may have a few median spines. Eyes bulges distinctively. Spiracle present immediately behind eye, bigger than eye. Tail longer than length of disc. A short skin fold posterior-dorsally on tail, behind tip of last spine. Long skin fold venterally on tail. A series of median short spines along median part of body. Ovoviviparous. Gives birth to litter of 1-2 pups. Size born 16 cm. Dept range 0-90 m