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Taxonomy Name Sphyrna lewini
Class Chondrichthyes
Order Carcharhiniformes
Genus Sphyrna
Family Sphyrnidae
DOF Valid Name Yu-tukul sanggul
Common Name Kidney-headed shark
Fish Base Name Scalloped hammerhead shark
Local Name Kad suar, Yu bengkong, Yu jerung, Yu mata jauh, Yu palang, Yu parang, Yu sambaran, Yu sanggul, Yu sanggul lintang, Yu tanduk, Yu tukul
Original author
Body Color Uniform grey, grayish brown or olivaceous above, shading to white below, pectoral fins tipped with grey or black ventrally. 2nd dorsal fin tip, lower and upper caudal fin tip black when juvenile.
Spesific Description Anterior margin of head slightly convex with shallow notch at midpoint. Large eyes situated at lateral end of head expansion. Viviparous, placental, with 13-23 in a litter, 12-41 pups after a gestation period of 9-10 months. Maximum size can reach 4.2 m. Size born 39-57 cm. Dept range 0-512 m, usually 0-25 m