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Taxonomy Name Carcharhinus limbatus
Class Chondrichthyes
Order Carcharhiniformes
Genus Carcharhinus
Family Carcharhinidae
DOF Valid Name Yu trihitam
Common Name Blacktip whaler, Common blacktip shark
Fish Base Name Blacktip shark
Local Name Or chan, Yu hujung sirip hitam, Yu jereh, yu kepek hitam
Original author (Muller and Henle, 1839)
Body Color Dark grey, ashy blue or dusky bronze on back, belly white or yellowish white; a dark band extending rearward along each side to about over origin of pelvic fin.
Spesific Description A medium-sized whaler shark with a rather long snout. Black tips to most fins (some adult may lack distinctive fin markings). Serrated upper teeth. Labial furrows small and inconspicuous. First dorsal fin origin usually over or just behind pectoral fin insertion.Viviparous. Produces litters of 1 to 10 young. Size born 40-70 cm. Dept range 0-64 m, usually 0-30 m