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Taxonomy Name Chiloscyllium indicum
Class Chondrichthyes
Order Carcharhiniformes
Genus Chiloscyllium
Family Hemiscylliidae
DOF Valid Name Yu-Cicak tembaga
Common Name Catshark, Dogshark, Ridge-back bambooshark
Fish Base Name Slender bambooshark
Local Name Yu Belak, Yu Bodoh, Yu Cicak, Yu Pasir, Yu pokah, Yu rimau, Yu tekek, Yu tembaga, Yu tokeh
Original author
Body Color Color varies at different length. Usually grey with greyish-black tansverse bands, 2 such bands present on head, 2 between gill openings and 1st dorsal fin, 2 between 1st and 2nd dorsal fins, 1 at base of 2nd dorsal fin and 5-6 between 2nd dorsal fin and tip of caudal fins. Bands bordered by black spots which are sometimes absent (in adults). Dorsal, pectoral and pelvic fins may also be spotted.
Spesific Description Elongated with slender body and tail, with turberculated ridges or demal ridges on flank of body. Snout produced and rather obtuse or rounded. Amouth and nasal opening placed ventrally. Mouth much nearer to eye than to snout tip. Lower labial fold perfectly continuous. Nostrils connected to mouth by nasoral groove, with well-developed nasal babels. Eye without nictitating membrane but with large spiracle about equal to size of eye and placed under it. 5 gill slits present, 5th overlapping 4th. Dorsal fins rounded, about equal in size and slightly smaller than pelvic fin, without produced free rear tips. Interdorsal space long, about twice length of 1st dorsal fin base. Origin of 1st dorsal fin just above or slightly behind pelvic fin base. Anal fin notched, close to caudal fin but much behind 2nd dorsal fin base. Tail about 1/5 length of whole body.