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Taxonomy Name Gerres filamentosus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Gerres
Family Gerreidae
DOF Valid Name Kapas filamen
Common Name Long-rayed mojarra, Long-rayed silver biddy, Mojarra, Silver-biddy, Whipfin mojarra
Fish Base Name Whipfin silverbiddy
Local Name Bansa, Kapas laut, Kapas-kapas, Kekapas, Lamuruk, Sedakang, Senolong, Tampok-tampok
Original author Gerres filamentosus
Body Color
Spesific Description

Body color:

Body brownish silver dorsally, brilliant silver venterally, with vertical rows of indistinct dark ovoids spots laterally in adults and subadult, all fins tinged with tan, caudal fin with a blackish margin. Source of description: Fishes of Andaman Sea

Specific Description:

Body deep, compressed, anterodorsal profile somewhat convex. Second dorsal fin spine very long and filamentous, reaching slightly beyond base of last dorsal fin ray; anal-fin spines generally robust, third longest, caudal fin deeply forked, lobes pointed. Preopercle with scale rows, 4.5-5.5 scales between 5th dorsal fin spine base and lateral line. Source of description: Fishes of Andaman Sea. Dept range 1-50 m. White color at lower caudal fin tip. Some fishes has longer caudal fin on top.