Taxonomy Name Arius maculatus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Arius
Family Ariidae
DOF Valid Name Duri tompok
Common Name Catfish
Fish Base Name Spotted catfish
Local Name Badukang, Blotan, Duri, Gagok, Jahan, Lundu, Manyong, Otek, Seludu
Original author Arius maculatus
Body Color
Spesific Description

Body color:

Upper region of head and body dark brown. Lateral part grey , becoming whitish with dusky spots near abdomen. Fins red with black tips. Pctoral and pelvic fins dusky above. Adipose fin with black spot.

Specific Description:

Body elongate and compressed posteriorly. Head broad and depressed. Dorsal profile of head rising obliquely towards dorsal fin origin. Deep and narrow median longitudinal groove reaching base of supra-occipital process. Eyes oval in shape. Dorsal and pectoral fins with strong, serrated spine. Caudal fin forked and pelvic fin reaching anal fin origin.