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Taxonomy Name Sillago sihama
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Sillago
Family Sillaginidae
DOF Valid Name Puntung-damar perak
Common Name Indian whiting, Sand border, Sillago-whiting, Silver whiting, Trumpeter whiting
Fish Base Name Silver sillago
Local Name Bangulus, Bebulus, Beritus, Bulus, Bulus-bulus, Bunus, Kedondong-kedondong, Puntung damar, Puting damar, Suar chiam, Suar chooi, Ubi, Usus
Original author Sillago sihama
Body Color
Spesific Description

Body color:

Body light tan, silvery yellow brown, sandy brown, or honey colored; paler brown to silvery white below; a midlateral, silvery, longitudinal band normally present; dorsal fins dusky terminally with or without rows of dark spots on the second dorsal-fin membrane; caudal fin dusky terminally; no dark blotch at base of pectoral fins; other fins hyaline; anal fin frequently with a whitish margin.

Specific Description:

Body elongate, subcylindrical, covered with ctenoid scales; first pelvic fin ray normal, not thickened clublike structure; swimbladder with two anterior and two posterior extensions; anterior extensions extend forward and diverge to terminate on each side of the basiocciptal above the auditory capsule; two lateral extensions commence anteriorly, each senditin a blink tubule anterolaterally and then extending along the abdominal wall below the investing peritoneum to just osterior the duct-like process; two posterior tapering extensions of the swimbladder project into the caudal region, one usually longer than the other; vertebrae 14+2-8+12-18 (total 34). Source: Andaman Sea Fishes. Dept range 0-60 m, usually 0-2 m