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Taxonomy Name Terapon jarbua
Class Actinopterygii
Genus Terapon
Family Terapontidae
DOF Valid Name Kerong jalur
Common Name Crescent perch, Croaker, Grunter, Small-scaled terapon, Tiger perch
Fish Base Name Jarbua terapon
Local Name Bagat, Gelama, Gendang-gendang, Kerong-kerong, Mengkerong, Rumpak
Original author Terapon jarbua
Body Color Dorsal region greenish-brown, rest silvery, with 2-3 dark longitudinal curved stripes along body. A large dark brown blotch on upper anterior part of dorsal fin. Caudal fin with dark tips. The middle stripe confluent with the longitudinal band on the body.
Spesific Description Body oblong and compressed. Preopercular region behind eye and operculum covered with ctenoid scales. Snout obtuse. Large terminal mouth with bands of villiform teeth in both jaws. Vomer and palatines toothed.Maxilla reaching to below mid-point of eye. Preopercular margin serrated. Operculum with 2 spines; the lower longer. Upper spine very small. Lateral line slightly arched. Dorsal fin with a deep median notch nearly dividing dorsal fin into 2. Pectoral fin shorter than pelvic fin, its base is in front of pelvic fin origin