Taxonomy Name Trachinotus blochii
Class Actinopterygii
Genus Trachinotus
Family Carangidae
DOF Valid Name Bawalmas
Common Name Subnose pompano, ladyfish, moonfish, po,pompano
Fish Base Name Subnose pompano
Local Name Bawalmas, betung, kapak, nyiur-nyiur, putih, selar
Original author
Body Color
Spesific Description

Body color:

Body silvery with a golden lustre. Fins golden-yellow with dusky tips. Anal fin yellow with lobes red.

Specific Description:

Body deeply obolong and compressed, dorsal profile convex but somewhat angular at meeting point of Ist and 2nd dorsal fins. Lateral line slightly curved anteriorly and about 1/3 of whole lateral line.