Taxonomy Name Pardachirus pavoninus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Pardachirus
Family Soleidae
DOF Valid Name Lidah merak
Common Name Sole
Fish Base Name Peacock sole
Local Name Chondong, Lidah, Nenipis, Sebelah, Sisa Nabi
Original author Pardachirus pavoninus
Body Color Reddish brown, densely spotted on head; body and fins of ocular surface also with spots of various sizes and shapes, bordered by a dark rim and some with a blackish spot on center
Spesific Description Body oblong and flat. Dorsal profile of head very steep.Both eyes on right side. Upper eye slightly anterior to lower. Cleft of mouth reaches beyond anterior of lowey eye. Dorsal fin origination on snout. Anus located behind pelvic fin on blind side. Posterior rays of dorsal and anal fins close to caudal fin. Lateral line straight and present on both sides. Blind side with branched lateral line anterior to dorsal fin. Dorsal and anal fin rays with pores. Body covered with feeble ctenoid scales. Small cycloid scales present along pelvic fins. Dept range 2-40 m