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View Caudal Fin View - ROUNDED

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Taxonomy Name Rhynchostracion nasus
Class Actinopterygii
Genus Rhynchostracion
Family Ostraciidae
DOF Valid Name Kaban Tanda
Common Name Cowfish, Small-nose boxfish, Trunkfish
Fish Base Name Shortnose boxfish
Local Name Buntal batu, Buntal kotak, Buntal Panjang, Buntal Peti, Ikan lembu, Lelembu
Synonym Ostracion nasus
Original author
Body Color Body grey with black spots from head to caudal fin.
Spesific Description Body almost completely encased in a bony shell or carapace formed of enlarge, thicked scale plates, usually hexagonal in shape and firmly sutured to one another; no isolated bony plates on caudal peduncle. Carapace triangular in cross-section. Pelvic fins absent. Lateral line inconspicuous. Has a small protuberance above the mouth and a distinctly concave snout profile.