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Taxonomy Name Gymnocranius elongatus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Gymnocranius
Family Lethrinidae
DOF Valid Name Mempasir ekor cabang
Common Name Large-eye bream
Fish Base Name Forktail large-eye bream
Local Name Bara, Bebara, Kapas-kapas laut, Mempasir
Original author Gymnocranius elongatus
Body Color Body greenish-grey with brownish patches.
Spesific Description Body compressed with a long, narrow snout. Usually 6 scale rows between dorsal and lateral line. Lower edge of eye is intersected by line from snout top to the middle of of the caudal fin fork. About 8 tranverse brown bars on the sides, the first crossing through the eye, the remainder below the dorsal fin and across the caudal peduncle. Scattered blotches and speckling is sometimes evident on sides. Fins are clear to yellow-orange with caudal margins and tips often deep red. Dept range 50-100 m