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Taxonomy Name Scomberoides commersonianus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Scomberoides
Family Carangidae
DOF Valid Name Talang lima jari
Common Name Leather jacket, Leatherskin, Queenfish, Talang leatherskin
Fish Base Name Talang queenfish
Local Name Bekalang, Sarm pan tiau, Seliat, Talang, Talang-talang, Tok pekong hu
Original author
Body Color Body blue-greenish gray dorsally.Caudal fin yellowish.
Spesific Description Body elongated, deep and strongly compressed. Dorsal profile more convex. Ventral profile horizontal up to origin of anal fin. Soft dorsal and anal fin origin angular and opposite each other. Head small, less than 1/5 total length. Top of head with a slight concavity and also a crest running from origin of spinous dorsal and ending at posterior end of snout.Head scaless. Snout blunt with length shorter than eye diameter. Eye moderate. Eye with adipose eyelid not well developed.