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Taxonomy Name Aetobatus ocellatus
Class Elasmobranchii
Genus Aetobatus
Family Myliobatidae
DOF Valid Name NO NAME
Common Name Ocellated eagle ray
Fish Base Name Ocellated eagle ray
Local Name Pari lang bintik putih, Pari lang, Pari helang
Original author (Kuhl,1823)
Body Color Dorsal surfaces with a dark greenish grey base. Variably white spotted.
Spesific Description Rarely ocellated; different NADH2 gene structure; relatively long tail with mean total length 281% DW, mean anterior cloaca to tail tip 230.2% DW; stinging spines relatively long with mean length of first spine 9.7%DW; teeth plates are in a single row, those in the lower jaw chevron-shaped; pectoral fin radials about 102-116, excluding proterygial radials anterior of eyes; 99-101 total vertebral centra, including synarcual. (Source: FishBase). Nasal curtain V-shaped. Spiracles dorsolateral on head.