Taxonomy Name  Scylla paramamosain
Order  Decapoda
Local Name  Ketam Nipah Sepit Kuning
Synonym  Ketam Muara Ketam Padang Ketam Kuala Ketam Sungai
Common Name  Yellow Mud Crab/ Seagrass Mud Crab/ River Mud Crab/ Estuary Mud Crab.
DOF Valid Name  Ketam Nipah Sepit Kuning
Author  (Estampador, 1949)
Locality Nypa forest in Mangroves area Terengganu, 2018 Malaysia
Description Usually the color of carapace green to light green, palm green to greenish blue with lower surface. Base of the fingers usually pale yellow to yellowish orange. The shape of carapace rounded and look like cockle .Base of fingers pale yellow or yellowish orange. This is the main characteristic which distinguish Scylla paramamosain with Scylla serrata.