Taxonomy Name  Portunus pelagicus - (Female)
Order  Decapoda
Local Name  Ketam laut, ketam renjong
Synonym  -
Common Name  Flower crab
DOF Valid Name  Ketam bunga
Author  (Linnaeus, 1758)
Locality Sandy or muddy substrate, to depth of 55 m.
Description Females are in dull green and brown on their bodies. The females abdomen is broader as to carry her eggs. Front with 4 acutely triangular teeth.There are nine triangular teeth at each anterolateral, increasing in size from the eyes outward. The last tooth (no.1) is the largest and extended horizontal. Swimming legs are paddle-shape and rotate like boat propellers, so it can swim to any directions. Tips of fixed finger and dactyl dark brown. Remarks: May be misidentification with P. trituberculatur, however, it can be easily distinguished by having only 3 frontal teeth (4 teeth for P.Pelagicus)