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New Scientific Name for species Arius thalassinus

11 February 2015 - Announcement: Scientific name for Arius thalassinus under family Ariidae has been changed into Netuma thalassina

New Vaccine to Control Tilapia Fish Disease - StrepToVax

12 March 2015 ?V National Fish Health Research Division (NaFisH), Penang has successfully developed feed-based vaccine ??Streptovax?? for controlling infection of Streptococcus sp. bacteria in Tilapia. This vaccine reduced dependency of farmers on antibiotic usage against bacterial infection in Tilapia. Antibiotics are expensive, less effective and continuous usage induced antibiotic resistance. At present, few types of vaccines are available in the market to control Streptococcus agalactiae, but in the form of injection. This type of S. agalactiae vaccine is labour-intensive, time-consuming and costly. The study conducted using feed-based vaccine ??Streptovax?? in which the feed is thoroughly mixed with the vaccine including adjuvant and applied accordingly using the control regime indicated has shown good result in reducing the mortality rate. Experimental field trials conducted at the farm in Tasik Kenyir showed 70% survival rate compared to 25% in the unvaccinated group. The Department of Fisheries Malaysia has published a manual, ??Streptococcosis Disease for Tilapia?? that serves as a guide for controlling Streptococcal disease. It will be patented and offered to interested parties for commercialization.

New species found - Lutjanus indicus

14 June 2016 - New species Lutjanus indicus was found in Malaysian waters. This species initially found by Allen, White & Erdmann in the year 2013. It can be identified easily by its horizontal yellow stripes and black spot near the end of dorsal fins. Found in Indian Ocean including western of Thailand, Myanmar, Andaman Island, Sri Lanka, India, Gulf of Oman and Arabian Gulf. No record of its existance in Malaysia waters previously but now found at Parit Jawa, Muar, Johore landing port in April 2016.