Located at Batu Maung, Penang, Akuarium Tunku Abdul Rahman is non-profit organization with a mission to increase public awareness on the importance of marine life. The history of Aquarium Tunku Abdul Rahman (AquaTAR) started in the year 1968. The first aquarium was located at Jalan Akuarium, Pulau Pinang under Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) management.

The aquarium was inaugurated by Malaysian first Prime Minister, YM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. Due to structural damages of the building, it had been closed for public visitors in the year 1982. The aquarium that was previously located at Jalan Akuarium, has moved to a new premises at Batu Maung, Penang in June 1996 with a new name "Akuatorium". The new aquarium is focusing on marine and coral ecosystem display.

The aquarium was closed again in June 2013 for renovation and uprading display areas to make it more attractive and convenience to the visitors. It was officially opened to the public on 15 August 2014 by the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, YB Dato' Sri Ismail bin Sabri. The main function of this aquarium is to initiate fisheries research program for aquatic plant, coral, and ornamental fishes. By opening it, we share our interest with the public, especially school kids on the importance of aquatic life. We hope the aquarium can enhance public awareness on the conservation of aquatic life and ecosystem to sustain our fishes resources in the future.