Taxonomy Name Narcine brevilabiata
Class Elasmobranchii
Genus Narcine
Family Narcinidae
DOF Valid Name NO NAME
Common Name Shortlip numbfish, Shortlip electric ray
Fish Base Name Shortlip electric ray
Local Name Pari karan bibir pendek, Pari karan, Pari Kebas, Pari letrik
Original author
Body Color Whole body and fins brown with scattered brown spots.
Spesific Description Body entirely naked. Disc nearly circular, broader than long. Mouth, nostril and gill openings placed ventrally, mouth protractile. Thick and smooth labial lips at angle of mouth. Nasal valve placed over mouth and confluent to nostril. 5 gill opening. Electric organs on pectoral fins. Tail subcylindrical with 2 dorsal fins, 1st slightly larger than 2nd. Caudal fin obliquely rounded, well developed and hind margin confluent with lower part. Length of tail equal to length of body.