Taxonomy Name Dussumieria elopsoides
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Dussumieria
Family Clupeidae
DOF Valid Name Tamban -buluh bulat
Common Name Round herring, Sprat, Van Hasselt's sprat
Fish Base Name Slender rainbow sardine
Local Name Janggul, Jepuh, Tamban, Tamban bulat, Tamban buluh, Tamban jepuh, Teng hoon
Original author Dussumieria elopsoides
Body Color Silvery on the sides darkening to bluish grey on the back, and lightening to almost white on the underside
Spesific Description The slender rainbow sadine has an elongated body, with round belly and a pointed nose. The single dorsal(back) fin is lightly behind midpoint. The tail fin is heavily forked. The scales are very delicate and are easily detached. Like other sardines it has no lateral line, and no scales on the head. The slender rainbow sardine is primarily differentiated from the rainbow sardine, because the slender rainbow sardines do not have tiny radiating striae on the posterior part of their scales. There is some indication that the slender rainbow sardine may tend to have more vertebra than the rainbow sardine. Dept range 0-50 m