Taxonomy Name Priacanthus macracanthus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Priacanthus
Family Priacanthidae
DOF Valid Name Lolong-bara bebintik kuning
Common Name Bigeye snapper, Large-spined big-eye, Red bullseye, Spot-finned bull's eye
Fish Base Name Red bigeye
Local Name Barau-barau laut, Lolong bara, Mata besar, Panda merah, Temenggong
Original author Priacanthus macracanthus
Body Color
Spesific Description

Body color:

Body red with silvery reflection. Fins pinkish; dorsal, anal and pelvic fins with rusty yellow or yellowish brown sports, being equal to 1/2 pupil diameter.

Specific Description:

Body relatively deep, ovate and compressed. Anterior profile subasymmetrical, protruding lower jaw tip above midline of body. One strong spine at angle of preopercle. Caudal fin generally truncate. Source: Andaman Sea Fishes. Dept range 12-400 m