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Taxonomy Name Macrobrachium rosenbergii
Class Malacostraca
Genus Macrobrachium
Family Palaemonidae
DOF Valid Name No Name
Common Name Freshwater giant prawan
Local Name Udang galah
Body Color
Spesific Description Freshwater species. Most species require brackishwater in initial stages of their life cycle. It can be distinguished from other species in the genus by the following characteristics:- A) it has a very long rostrum, with 11-14 dorsal teeth and 8-14 ventral teeth ( the ventral characteristics are especially important. B)the tip of its telson reaches distinctly beyond the posterior spine of the telson. C) The adult male has very long second chelipeds in which all segments are elongate and have blunt spines. D) The movable finger of the second chelipeds of the adult male is covered by a dense velvet-like fur (except the extreme tip) but this fur is absent from the fixed finger and the rest of the cheliped.Telson regularly tapering too sharp point, without a posterior margin. Male prawns are larger than females of the same age. The male has a head (cephalothorax) propotionally larger than the abdomen, which is narrow, and the chelipeds are long, massive and large.